Welcome to Sheridan, Wyoming!

For SATW’s
Eastern Chapter Conference

June 22 – 25, 2017 • Sheridan, WY


Welcome to Sheridan, Wyoming!

T-Rex Natural History Museum

Horseback Riding


The New West. Join us for a peek beneath the façade of 200 years of frontier history and revel in new discoveries!

The Bighorn Mountains. Home to skyscraping 13,000-foot peaks, crystal-clear alpine lakes, mammoth rock outcrops, a wide array of wildlife, and millions of acres of public land.

The City of Sheridan. A major seat of Mountain West history, a cultural touchstone, a cowboy playground, and a perfect vision of Wyoming. Come out West and discover Sheridan.

JoAnn Greco

JoAnn Greco


We’re excited about this conference!

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